Face Masks

How Does this Work?

This page is image heavy, please be prepared for a bit of a wait for the images to load. Each image has clear labelling for the fabric you choose. You are choosing the fabric on the outside. The inner fabric will be matched or a solid colour, like white, grey or black. 

Elastics are only attached around the ears. If you find the elastic is too loose, you can re-adjust it. If you would like something that would tie around your head, this can be accommodated and will be confirmed in your email. (Please list it in the ‘Anything Else’ option of the form).

All Adult Sizes have a nose-shaping pipe-cleaner pocket. Please remove the pipe-cleaner before washing or wash your mask in a delicates laundry bag to stop the pipe-cleaner from becoming lost in your machine. If you lose it, you can make a new one to slide in. 

After you send in the form, I will email you a confirmation and request payment through E-Transfer or Paypal. If you have selected it to be mailed, I will let you know how much it costs to mail in Canada, the US or Internationally. 

The masks will be completed within a few days and a local pick up can be arranged, or I will email you with a tracking number for mail. 

It is recommended to wash your mask as soon as you receive it, you may want to remove the pipe-cleaner nose-shaping on the adult sizes. (All masks can be washed and dried in the washing machine – hot water and heat-dry is recommended).

Cost per Mask?

Each mask is $12 each.  Or 3 for $35.

Mailing costs are between $2-5 depending on how many masks are in each mailer.


Sizes are as follows: 

Child Size: 3-6 years old
Kid Size: 7-12 years old
Small Adult: Female & Teens
Large Adult: Male

The pattern used for the masks is a free pattern from CraftPassion.com


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