Crochet & Knitting

I knit and crochet whenever I am watching Netflix, so it happens quite a few times per week. 

My Free Patterns can be found here.

If you want to see what projects I have on the go, or what patterns I’ve used, check out my Ravelry profile, or my Instagram


Resin is something I’ve just gotten into, but completely fell in love with!

I have plans to see the resign crafts on my Facebook page, but I will also take orders via private message or email. Contact me if interested.


Sewing is something I love to do for myself, friends and family. I don’t do commission work, mostly because of the time it takes would equate to each piece starting at $40 and going up from there based on time and materials. 

Lots of the patterns I use I find for free. I also sew some of my own clothes, along with clothes for my kids, occasionally.