These are various illustrations I’ve worked on using pencil, ink and either coloured pencils, felts, alcohol inks, watercolour or gouache paints. I find the most satisfaction out of drawing traditionally. 

The newest illustrations are at the top. 

Magic Moon Week 2019

In 2019 I did a week of illustrations, mostly small glimpses into my life in a comic form.

The prompts were:
Moon, Magic, Mood, Sensuality, Self-Care, Curvy, Flow & Creation.


These are various illustrations I’ve worked on using my computer or a Wacom tablet. Currently I use a Windows Surface Pro for my computer illustrations. 

The newest illustrations are at the top. 

Inktober 2017

This  was the first Inktober where I followed the prompts the way they were presented. I wanted to take the prompt and use it to inspire a super-hero, or magical abilities, or a mythological creature. 

1. Swift
2. Divided
3. Poison
4. Underwater
5. Long
6. Sword
7. Shy
8. Crooked
9. Screech
10. Gigantic
11. Run
12. Shattered
13. Teeming
14. Feirce
15. Mysterious
16. Fat

17. Graceful
18. Filthy
19. Cloud
20. Deep
21. Furious
22. Trail
23. Juicy
24. Blind
25. Ship (Captain)
26. Squeak
27. Climb
28. Fall
29. United (unfinished)
30. Found (unfinished)
31. Mask (unfinished)

Witchy Art Challenge

In 2016 I started this project during Inktober – a monthly illustration challenge that happens in October. I chose to use the #WitchyArtChallenge prompts over the Inktober prompts that year.

I did end up changing some of the prompts depending on my mood and what I felt more compelled to draw.

I wanted to keep this fun and light to inspire myself to continue and complete the challenge. 

I am still working on some of the more complicated pieces, which will be closer to the bottom because these are in order of the day. 

Below is my revised list of prompts:

1. Witchsona
2. Altar
3. Familiar
4. Seasonal Witch
5. Knight Witch
6. Royal Witch
7. Oracle
8. Demon Witch
9. Hermit Witch
10. Plant Witch
11. Storm Witch
12. Sea Witch
13. Fire Witch
14. Healer Witch
15. Crystal Witch
16. Divination Witch

17. Death Witch
18. Techno Witch
19. Urban Witch
20. Dream Witch
21. Kitchen Witch
22. Sigil Witch
23. Galaxy Witch
24. Tea Witch
25. Moon Witch
26. Animal Witch
27. Fairie Witch
28. Desert Witch
29.  Beast Necromancer
30. Ice Witch (unfinished)
31. Witch Family (unfinished)